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What Does LID Paving Have to do with a Dating App Profile?

What Does LID Paving Have to do with a Dating App Profile?

Surprising but true; What you should include on your dating app profile to get noticed.

A recent article by Lisa Bowman for the Metro News, “Turns out that caring about the environment makes you more attractive”, is generating a wide-reaching buzz.

The article, based on a survey conducted by Zoosk, an online dating site and app, focuses on a popular topic; what do people find attractive in a potential partner. Extrapolate that to the lingo of 2018 and people are really looking for the answer to what helps to increase “inbound message traffic” on dating apps. The answer may be simpler than one may imagine.

Considering yourself environmentally conscious and doing eco friendly things within your daily routine will not only benefit the environment around you but will also increase your popularity on dating sites world-wide.

Specifically, ‘littering” and “not-recycling” were included in the top 5 of a list of “Top environmentally annoying things which bug single people”. 74% of people polled went as far as to say that littering was a deal breaker. How far we have come!

Times Have Changed – Being Environmentally Conscious Has Become Attractive

A generation or two ago, environmentally consciousness was not a mainstream characteristic that was sought after or applauded, and it was definitely not something that society thought was an important trait when considering a life partner.

Take a moment or two to consider ways in which you can demonstrate the fact that you are environmentally conscious just by your actions.

Picking up litter is one of the most obvious ways in which you can show the others around you that you care about and are aware of your surroundings. This can be extrapolated to recycling, using fillable water bottles and to composting, for example. Even your smallest actions can speak volumes.

As you get to know someone better, more involved conversations can include environmentally conscious topics such as purchasing organic, walking instead of driving and reducing energy consumption.

Ecoraster | Environmentally Friendly Paving Solutions

Imagine this scenario, you have connected with each other over a dating app and have arranged to meet in person. You decide to pick up your date and head over to the local coffee shop. Although you would usually walk, due to a foot injury, you decide to drive. You park on the driveway, open the door and step out. The driveway surface is unlike any you have ever seen before. Your first conversation, after the usual greetings, centers on the driveway surface, which is Ecoraster.

You are pleasantly surprised, not only does your date consider themselves environmentally conscious, they have taken the steps to include a fully sustainable driveway as well. You are introduced to Ecoraster which is a true blend of reducing litter/waste and recycling.

Manufactured from post consumer plastic bags and other similar plastic waste, Ecoraster is 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable. A fully sustainable alternative to traditional solid parking and driving surfaces. Ecoraster is also permeable which helps to manage storm water on site, reducing run off and the damaging effects of flooding.

Driveways are not frequently the topic of conversation, however, when Ecoraster is used, it demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and your environmentally consciousness even before your visitors knock on your door.

Our generation should be very proud that we are focused on doing our best to keep the earth healthy; actions that will truly benefit generations to come.

Ponder this, is environmental consciousness a characteristic you hope to find in your partner or better yet, is it a characteristic that you demonstrate yourself?
What actions do you consider to be environmentally conscious or those that demonstrate sustainability?

Looking forward to your feedback!