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Durable and Sustainable Paving with Ecoraster

Durable and Sustainable Paving with Ecoraster

We were recently contacted by a designer looking for a permeable product, a grass paving type product, for his client’s new driveway area. He remembered visiting our booth at a trade show and reached out for pricing and delivery options.

They were exploring green paving alternatives for two main reasons; using grass paving which would be considered soft scape rather than hard scape by their municipality, would allow them to construct a larger driveway albeit in a LID (Low Impact Development) manner, as well, they were motivated to use eco-friendly and sustainable building materials in the project wherever possible.

Ecoraster would easily tick both boxes.

Ecoraster for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects

The Ecoraster permeable paving system is being included into more and more projects; residential, commercial and even industrial, for these reasons and more.

For residential projects, Ecoraster can be included into many areas in lieu of conventional surfaces; asphalt, concrete and interlocking. The different Ecoraster models are easy to install often as DIYer type projects and provide a long lasting, easy to maintain and fully sustainable option for hot tub pads, driveways/driveway extensions, pathways, patios, dog runs and much more.

When Ecoraster surfaces are included into larger commercial and industrial projects, the Ecoraster surface is often calculated to be half as expensive as asphalt and concrete and that is before factors such as reduced maintenance, reduced salt usage, extended life expectancy and local grants and incentives are factored into the equation. We have cost comparison graphs and information which can be forwarded upon request.

Although Purus and Ecoraster have been a majority player on the market for almost 30 years, as with any product which gains in popularity and acceptance, there are more and more competitive paving grids, grass and gravel pavers as they are often referred to, on the market.

Not All Grid Paving Systems Are Equal

As we always remind our clients, the future of the permeable paving industry and the wide reaching acceptance of sustainable paving products such as Ecoraster depend strongly on the success of the projects; from a successful installation to a successful performance to easy and inexpensive maintenance, both on a regular basis and long term.

As such, it is imperative that the proper permeable paving product is chosen for the application. Not all paving grid products are the same and most importantly, not all grass and gravel pavers will provide heavy duty, high quality and long lasting surfaces under our cold and harsh Canadian winter conditions. Not all plastic grid paving systems are equal.

The future success of permeable pavers in Canada and other cold weather climate countries depends on the inclusion of robust, winter friendly, fully tested products. The differences between products are often easy to discern, however, sometimes, the differences are not apparent to the lay customer. “Hidden” characteristics of plastic pavers include the plastic formulation used to manufacture the product, the locking tab-system, the flex elements needed to allow for turning of wheels and the expansion and contraction which occurs with extreme temperature variations and physical characteristics such as product weight and wall thickness.

All of the Ecoraster models have been third party tested and will easily surpass the product standards for such categories. As a designer, architect, landscape architect and engineer, your clients often rely on you to vet the different products and chose the most appropriate, which may not be the least expensive, product for their project, ensuring high quality, long lasting results. Ecoraster products, the grass and gravel pavers and the Bloxx system, are cost conscious products you can depend on to provide high quality results now, and for decades to come.

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