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Ecoraster and Pets

Ecoraster and Pets

For most of us, pets become members of our families and as family members, we want only the best for them. These days, pets can come in all shapes and sizes; everything from Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus to Arabian and Clydesdales horses. Ensuring our pets remain healthy is paramount and minimizing time spent cleaning up after them means more time spent enjoying them.

How Ecoraster Can Help

One way to help ensure our larger “pets” like horses, cattle, pigs and goats stay healthy and happy is to reduce the mud in their living areas. Mud is commonly found in heavy traffic areas such as paddocks, gates and feeding areas. Not only can mud be detrimental to the health of the animals, it can also be costly, from vet bills for mud fever to wasted food lost on the soft, wet ground.

Rest assured, there are solutions to muddy areas.

More and more people are turning to permeable ground reinforcement products such as the Ecoraster permeable pavers to eliminate mud from areas in an immediate and long lasting manner.

Ecoraster is a German designed and engineered product formulated for extreme climates, both hot and cold. The permeable pavers are easy to install and lightweight making them the perfect solution for remote and hard to access areas.

Ecoraster can be installed as a DIYer type project and can be installed in small areas as required. Ecoraster has been third party tested and has surpassed all of the standards.

The permeable surface will remain level, stable, safe and easy to clean, even in the winter. There will be no more frozen hoof marks pocking the surface making walking treacherous.

Why Ecoraster is Perfect for Eco-Sensitive Areas

Ecoraster is manufactured from 100% LDPE ensuring the surface remains both strong and flexible even under extremely cold temperatures. It will not degrade or leech into the surrounding area making it the perfect product for eco-sensitive areas and for your precious animals. Ecoraster pavers are flexible and provide a surface which is soft and supportive to the animals joints.

The permeable ground reinforcement system can be installed in other areas of farms, barns and equine facilities.

Ecoraster is commonly used for parking, erosion control, access roads and riding arenas. It can also be used for dog runs, in lieu of concrete for shed pads and other similar applications.

Contact us to learn how Ecoraster can enhance your facility, eliminate your mud and free up your time so you can enjoy your furry friends!

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