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Fall Weather and Ecoraster

Fall Weather and Ecoraster

Summer took a while to get here, but, oh, was it worth the wait! The longer, sun drenched days and balmy evenings were just perfect. Hopefully the warm days will stick around for many weeks to come before the unpredictable fall weather arrives. Fall is always a mixed bag; crisp mornings, shortening days, beautiful foliage colors and often, wet and soggy weather. Fall is the perfect time to complete outdoor projects and ready the yard for winter. Fall is also a wonderful time to install the Ecoraster family of permeable paving products.

Benefits of Installing Porous Grid Pavers in Fall

There are many benefits, both initially and long term, to installing the porous grid pavers in the Fall.

• Ecoraster grass and gravel pavers can be installed during all types of weather. It might not be pleasant to install the grid during cool, rainy days but the weather will not affect the integrity or strength of the surface.
• Ecoraster green paving can be left unfilled if the weather doesn’t cooperate and can still provide safe a stable ground access for heavy vehicles.
• Using the pervious paving system for temporary site access in lieu of conventional products like plywood sheets and mud mats is beneficial due to the ease of transport and the inherent robust nature of the product. We have examples of the grid used for construction vehicle site access roads when the ground was wet and unstable. The grid, when used for these types of applications, can be left in place or can be removed for a more “temporary” type project.
• Ecoraster surfaces are easy to maintain and can be kept free of falling leaves and debris with rakes or leaf blowers. The surface will not clog or plug and does not require regular vacuuming to retain maximum porosity.
• Permeable paving, by design, helps to manage stormwater on site “where it lands”, reducing the damaging effects of flooding and polluted run-off.

Installing Ecoraster permeable paving now, before winter arrives, will help to ensure that the ground surface remains level, stable and safe. There will not be frozen ruts or show prints making it difficult to navigate safely; an important consideration especially for those with mobility challenges.

Installed now, Ecoraster will ensure the surface provides heavy duty, heavy weight bearing access even when the temperatures begin to shift downwards. The grids will not crack or disengage even when exposed to harsh elements, heavy loads and precarious conditions.

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