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Keep Nature Natural – It’s Time to Take Action

Keep Nature Natural – It’s Time to Take Action

We are fortunate to live in a majestic country!

Everything from mountains to valleys, lakes to creeks; Canada is a country that is abundant in natural resources which can be appreciated by all.

Thanks to the support of multiple levels of government, there are protective agencies in place to ensure our country remains healthy and pristine for centuries to come. These agencies must be considered an “essential” priority and should never be discontinued at the whim of a sitting leader,

There are many things we can do, both as communities and as individuals, to ensure the green spaces remain healthy and sustainable.

As Communities We Must lead by Example

As communities we can support and encourage local governments to promote green and sustainable practices. Changing our approach towards energy conservation, waste reduction and storm water management is crucial for the future of the earth.

We can learn much from our European neighbours who are decades ahead with their focus on sustainability and how they have formulated incentives to encourage green practices. There is much we can do to embrace alternative energy sources, reduce green house gases and carbon emissions.

The changing climate conditions and the increasing rain events, both in strength and in frequency, are the catalyst for effective and efficient stormwater management. The management of storm water, on site, “where it lands” is crucial to both reducing pollutants entering the natural water bodies and to reducing the damaging effects of flooding. There are many LID (Low Impact Development) technologies available for storm water management including green roofs, rain gardens and permeable paving.

Most importantly, as communities, we have to lead by example including sustainable technologies and alternatives so individuals follow suit.

As Individuals our Actions Are Forming the Next Generation

As individuals, we can ensure our daily practices include recycling and doing our best to reduce our waste. We can embrace litter-less lunches, farm to table and include green and sustainable products into all aspects of our lives. We can do our best to reduce carbon emissions, walking more instead of driving and reducing our individual carbon footprint. Including these steps into our daily lives will help to educate, by example, the next generation.

With an ever-growing population and more and more people interested in exploring the outdoors, it is imperative we do all that we can to keep nature natural.

There are so many beautiful areas to explore; conservation areas, rivers/streams/creeks, mountains and islands. We have to ensure our natural areas remain natural. Ensuring waste from hiking and camping sites is disposed of properly, including charcoal briquets. Protecting the landscape from erosion and wear using LID, eco-friendly products. Taking the extra steps to allow all to enjoy nature by ensuring the walking trails are fully and universally accessible but, again, by using LID products and methods rather than asphalt which is commonly found for pathways.

With the support of our Conservation authorities, with their guidance and through their education, it is our hope that our majestic country will remain pristine so generations to come can enjoy all that she has to offer.

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