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How Green Infrastructure and LID Can Help You Save Money

How Green Infrastructure and LID Can Help You Save Money

Including Green Infrastructure and low impact development (LID) can have cost benefits. Surprising but true!

Conventional storm water management systems, ponds and ditches, are problematic and truly, are ineffective. Using these methods is really just moving polluted run-off from one area to another.

In this recent article, the use and inclusion of LID and green infrastructure in lieu of tradition storm water management methods is clearly and concisely discussed.

LID practices, as the article so eloquently describes “mimic an area’s natural ability to handle rain water while disconnecting the traditional conveyance system”, where by “taking the storm water and soaking it in before it has the chance to become polluted runoff”, says Lauren Kolodij from North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Development of urban areas is inevitable. We must insist on smart development, on increasing urban density while mindful of the environmental impact on the neighbouring ecosystems and with a focus that includes green, sustainable and LID building practices.

Recent Studies on the Impact of Greenspace

Recently, there have been countless studies done on the impact of greenspace, proven to affect everything from intelligence, safety, emotional and physical well-being and happiness. Destroying existing green spaces is largely considered a detriment for developers. New home owners expect and even demand green spaces.

More and more municipalities are leveraging penalties and fines for cutting down trees, aiming to maintain as much of the original tree canopy as possible. Conventional storm water management systems are an ineffective, inefficient and expensive use of valuable land.

Newer LID technologies such as rain gardens, bio swales, green roofs and permeable paving surfaces lend themselves to a better, more effective, efficient and affordable use of land.

Permeable Paving for Residential and Commercial Projects

Permeable paving surfaces can be incorporated into both residential and commercial building projects in lieu of solid surfaces for driveways, pathways, internal roads, emergency access roads, patios and parking lots as a way to manage storm water on site “where it lands” freeing up precious land to be used for rentable/saleable units.

Stormwater can be further managed and repurposed for grey water applications such as irrigation and toilets. Including porous paving surfaces into projects has additional cost saving benefits;

• Permeable surfaces offer a longer life cycle than conventional surfaces such as asphalt
• Permeable surfaces offered by LID Paving are all winter resilient and allow you to greatly reduce your winter salt usage saving money and reducing the negative effects on the nearby ecosystems
• Including permeable paving surfaces for large areas can allow you to eliminate costly drainage infrastructure saving a tremendous amount of money and reducing the additional impact on the existing, often overburdened, municipal infrastructure.
• LID Permeable Paving products require minimal maintenance.
• Pervious paving may be eligible for financial grants/incentives through the various levels of government.

Fall is the perfect time of year to install permeable paving and to include other types of LID alternatives. With more and more zoning and permitting departments fully understanding the wide reaching benefits of LID and green infrastructure, it is easier than ever to take the first steps.

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