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Eco-friendly LID Paving is Making a Strong Impact in Ontario

Eco-friendly LID Paving is Making a Strong Impact in Ontario

The Province of Ontario is one of the main leaders in the promotion, acceptance, and inclusion of LID alternatives and green infrastructure. Green groups, sustainability teams and even student run initiatives can be found across the province in all sectors from education to big business to residential home owners.

No longer are blank stares of wonder the overwhelming response when explaining the benefits and applications of storm water management techniques such as rain gardens, green roofs and permeable paving.

People are now not only looking for sustainable options and for ways to include LID alternatives, they are also looking for the most environmentally friendly option within the new technologies available. The Ecoraster family of products checks most of the important boxes.

Ecoraster is proven, with over two decades of in-the-ground experience to manage storm water on site, effectively, efficiently and affordably; truly LID in design and in performance. Ecoraster is fully sustainable. It can be either reused or recycled when the land usage needs change.

Ecoraster is also an engineered product manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The plastic used is 100% LDPE, sophisticated to recycle but both strong and flexible even in extreme climates.

Importance of LID Alternatives

LID Permeable Paving Canada is focusing efforts on educating the consumers and decision makers on the importance of LID alternatives. This includes making green infrastructure into designs and how the Ecoraster permeable paving system is a budget friendly, as well as eco-friendly option, when exploring the different permeable paving systems on the market.

The changing guidelines, especially in Ontario, surrounding storm water management are a motivator to find and include LID alternatives in your paving plans. This applies to things such rain gardens, green roofs and permeable paving that will not only perform in the short term but will also be easy to maintain for decades to come. It is important to ensure you are leaving a truly sustainable legacy. Ecoraster is a product you can install with confidence. It is of high quality, heavy duty ad easy to maintain in a minimal manner.

Permeable paving is becoming more popular as a way to efficiently use land for two simultaneous purposes; managing storm water and reducing run off while providing parking, driving, walking and even erosion control.

Ecoraster throughout the GTA

Ecoraster has been installed successfully in many locations throughout the province of Ontario and the GTA.

We have installed Ecoraster permeable paving in an array of locations such as car dealerships in Ottawa, parking lots in Bracebridge, parking lots in Toronto. Ecoraster has also been installed as base stabilization at the Toronto Zoo and as accessible gravel reinforcement at the Aga Khan Park. We have also installed the Ecoraster Bloxx product in a parking lot in King City. Ecoraster has also used its Bloxx product for gravel and grass access roads in parks and town house complexes as well as soft shoulder reinforcement for the GTAA.


There are many other locations where Ecoraster has been installed and many which are slated for installation later this year and early next year.

The bottom line is storm water management is important and it is necessary.

Ecoraster can help achieve individual goals in an affordable, effective and efficient manner either by itself or with other LID tools.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of Ecoraster in Toronto and the GTA. We also service companies throughout Canada. For further information contact us now to learn more, set up time for an informational presentation and arrange to visit the different installation sites.