LID Permeable Paving Ecoraster

Ecoraster Projects can be Started with Confidence even during the Fall Months

Although it is more pleasant to work outdoors in the nice weather, installing Ecoraster during the rainy, cold weather does not affect the strength or integrity of the finished Ecoraster surface.

Ecoraster provides the perfect solution for those “last minute” outdoor projects, whether they are the DIYer type home and garden projects or larger commercial/industrial type applications.

You can squeeze in a last-minute shed or hot tub pad by using Ecoraster instead of using traditional concrete. Get your hot tub all set so you can use it during those snowy evenings. Store firewood in your backyard shed that you can place on your new Ecoraster pad, so it is dry and ready to use.

You can use the Ecoraster Bloxx or the X30 beneath unit pavers for a perfect fall installation of a pathway, driveway extension or patio. Using Ecoraster can help you keep your excavation depth to a minimum allowing the project to be completed faster, which is helpful when the weather is unpredictable.

Ecoraster can also be Installed during the Fall for Access Roads, Parking Lots and Pathways

The Ecoraster grid system can be filled either with gravel or top soil and seed. Ideally, it would be best to try and allow the grass seeds to start germinating before getting hit with the deep freeze but grass filled Ecoraster can also be installed during the fall. It is important to remember that Ecoraster can also be used even when the grid cells are empty. This is a very important characteristic of Ecoraster because when the installation is scheduled for the fall, one doesn’t always know what to expect.

A few years ago, we received a call early in December from a contractor. He was installing Ecoraster and before it could be properly and completely filled, it had started to snow. The customer wasn’t sure if the area should be considered off limits for vehicle access until the installation and filling of the grid was completed. After being reassured by the staff of LID Permeable Paving Canada and Purus-North America, he was comfortable allowing the grid area to be used even while the cells remained empty. Once the snowy weather had passed, as it often does during early winter in Toronto, he completed the installation.

Ecoraster is also a wonderful product to use during the fall for temporary access. Using the Ecoraster sheets in lieu of traditional plywood ensures that staff and vehicles can safely access an area even when the ground is wet, muddy and uneven. Ecoraster is lightweight and easy to transport. It can be left for extended periods of time on the grassy surface without compromising the ground surface because the grid is more than 95% open and permeable. The Ecoraster used for temporary access can either be reused for similar applications or it can be installed afterwards in a more permanent manner. Ecoraster can also be fully recycled if preferred.

The Ecoraster Permeable Paving Grid System is Perfect for Equestrian and Agricutlural Applications in the Fall

Customers report that Ecoraster is the perfect product to be installed in the fall for equestrian and agricultural applications. Not only will installing Ecoraster in your muddy areas such as paddocks, gates and feeders before winter arrives help you manage the fall season, it will also ensure that the spring season will be easier as well. Using Ecoraster around heavy traffic areas for mud reduction helps to keep the animals healthy, the area dry and mud free and helps to speed up regular clean up. Ecoraster reinforce areas will also stay level and stable even when the ground freezes, unlike the usual surface that is dotted with boot and hoof marks. Ecoraster is also the perfect product for dog runs and kennel areas.

Ecoraster has been engineered and designed to perform in cold Canadian winters. The 20 year guarantee on the Ecoraster system gives you the confidence you need to install Ecoraster even for your heaviest loads and high traffic areas. Contact us know to learn more about the many benefits of the well known Ecoraster system and how it can be installed for many different applications and projects.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of Ecoraster in Toronto and the GTA. We also service companies throughout Canada. For further information call us or fill out our contact form to learn more, set up time for an informational presentation and arrange to visit the different installation sites.