LID Permeable Paving Ecoraster

Plan Your Ecoraster Paving Project in the Fall

It is hard to believe 2017 is slowly wrapping up. Reflecting back, this has been quite the eventful year and the weather has been front and center for most of the world. Areas that have been too dry are suffering through devastating fires; areas that have been too wet are still rebuilding after destructive flooding. Tsunamis, hurricanes, heat waves and tornados have all occurred in 2017, some may even say, in greater severity and more frequently than ever before.

Worldwide, most people will agree that climate change is real. The weather patterns are changing and the densely populated city centers, further warming the earth with their ground sealing designs, are unable to withstand the resulting effects of the increasing rain events and subsequent stormwater volumes.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Buzzwords such as green infrastructure, stormwater management, LID (low impact development) alternatives, green roofs, rain gardens and permeable paving are now well known in everyone’s minds. Green groups focusing on promoting and encouraging sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are everywhere.

Organizations such as EcoSchools, Depave Paradise and so many others nation-wide are involved in educating and providing guidance and support so that green infrastructure becomes the accepted norm.
As we all, especially those in the northern regions of the country, hunker down for the winter, this is the perfect time to explore the different LID alternatives available in your location. This will allow you ample time to work towards integrating such systems and technologies into upcoming 2018 projects whether they are residential, commercial or industrial.

Contrary to popular belief, sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives do not have to be more costly than their counterparts. There are many products, systems and solutions which are either more affordable than the “popular” non-sustainable alternatives and/or offer a longer lifespan and reduced regular maintenance which both factor into the long term cost.

Ecoraster Permeable Paving Uses | Sustainable and Eco-friendly

The Ecoraster permeable paving system is one such product. Ecoraster is affordable and truly sustainable. Offering a long life cycle, Ecoraster products come with a 20 year product guarantee while being manufactured from 100% recycled plastics in a low carbon footprint manner. Ecoraster can be installed as a heavy duty parking and driving surface and used to help achieve newly mandated municipal storm water management guidelines.

The Ecoraster system has been used worldwide for well over two decades both by itself and in conjunction with green roofs, solar panels, rain gardens and bio swales. Ecoraster can be installed for a wide range of applications and is used for residential, commercial and industrial markets in lieu of traditional surfaces such as asphalt and concrete helping to reduce the impact of the heat island effect. It further helps reverse the consequences of climate change and help manage stormwater on site, reducing the damaging effects of flooding. This is the perfect time to enquire about how to include Ecoraster into your upcoming projects. The impact will be felt now and by generations to come.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of Ecoraster in Toronto and the GTA as well as the Province of Ontario. For further information call us or fill out our contact form to learn more, set up time for an informational presentation and arrange to visit the different installation sites.