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Ecoraster – A Tool to Help You Install Interlocking Paving Stones

Ecoraster – A tool to help you Install Interlocking Paving Stones

Interlocking permeable paving stones are often used within landscaping designs for driveways, walkways, patios and more. They are a popular surfacing product for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The permeable aspect of the unit interlocking pavers is very important as, due to the effects of climate change, the rain storms are becoming both more frequent and stronger and heavier causing damaging flooding and increasing the levels of pollutants entering our beautiful natural water bodies.

Installing interlocking paving stones, especially in cold weather climates, can be potentially problematic if the pavers are not installed correctly. The freeze-thaw cycle that is well known throughout the northern regions of North America can cause surfaces, such as interlocking paving stones, to move, shift, lift and heave. Repairing these surfaces, to ensure they remain level, stable and safe is an ongoing and costly effort.

Ecoraster X30 – 2 Proven Solutions to Reduce Shifting & Lifting of Interlock Paving Stones

Ecoraster offers two proven solutions for this problem.

The Ecoraster X30 model can be installed beneath all different types of unit interlocking pavers with a dual purpose. Using Ecoraster X30 as a base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking pavers of all sizes helps by reinforcing the base ensuring that the pavers remain unaffected by frost heave and stay level, stable and safe. Incorporating X30 into the base preparation can allow you to reduce your base depth by up to 50%. Landscapers using the X30 in their projects report that they save money by reducing the depth, the excavation and the disposal. They reduce the amount of base gravel they need and, most importantly, they are in and out of a job much faster allowing them to work with more clients and on more projects during the landscaping season, which in North America can be quite short due to the unpredictable weather.

Ecoraster X30 also helps the installers with the actual installation of the pavers by providing a level surface upon which the pavers are placed. Think of it as though you are installing your pavers on a concrete slab which is known to make the process much easier, but in this case the “concrete” is a permeable Ecoraster surface which is easy to install and much less expensive than concrete.

If you are looking for a different type of interlocking paver system, the Ecoraster Bloxx is the product for you.

Ecoraster Bloxx also Provides Revolutionary Solution for Interlock Paving Stones

Designed in response to consumer requests, the Ecoraster Bloxx is a revolutionary product. Specially manufactured unit paving stones, which are available in both concrete and rubber, slip into cells incorporated into the design of the Bloxx matrix. The installation process is quick and easy. The base is prepared as required. The Bloxx matrix is installed directly on the base. The Bloxx matrix can also be used in conjunction with the Ecoraster E50 series to further expand the design possibilities. Once the matrix is installed, the pavers are placed within the cells according to the pattern requested. The pavers, available in different colors, will not move around once secured in the matrix. There is no risk of future shifting, lifting or heaving of individual paving stones. The Bloxx surface will remain level, stable, safe and, of course, ADA compliant and fully accessible. The Bloxx system is also permeable and can be used to help manage storm water where it lands, reducing run off. Ecoraster Bloxx has been used in a wide variety of projects from parking lots to access areas; from pathways to sidewalks and from patios to hot tub pads to fire pits and even chess boards.

Ecoraster X30 and Ecoraster Bloxx can be installed as DIYer Type Projects

Ecoraster X30 and Ecoraster Bloxx can be installed as DIYer type projects and due to the easy of transporting the products, they can be used to enhance areas that are more remote and/or hard to access. Ecoraster provides two high quality, reliable, affordable long-lasting strategies to enable you to eliminate paver repairs. Both Ecoraster systems, the Bloxx and the X30 supported pavers, can be snow plowed and are guaranteed to perform under extreme climate conditions. The staff at LID Paving are very helpful and supportive. They can provide installation guidelines for specific soil conditions and weight bearing needs. Now is the perfect time to try the Ecoraster systems for your project needs and find out first hand why more and more contractors, landscapers and home owners are choosing to go the Ecoraster way.

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