LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

The Benefits of Ecoraster’s Permeable Paving System in the Summer

The Benefits of Ecoraster’s Permeable Paving System in the Summer

The warm, long, sunny days of summer are welcomed after the long winter.

Summer is a time to dream.

Many of us have teenaged memories of lying on grassy hills, watching the clouds and talking about our aspirations, the future and life.

The topic of the environment and of climate change and the future of the earth were not, sadly, something we thought about a few decades ago. Hence, this generation of teenagers is well aware of the urgency of reducing the effects of climate change.

Summer is a time where, if we look, we can easily see and feel the results of expanding city centers, of “sealing” the ground with buildings and pavement.

We are all aware of the temperature changes as we head out of the city towards the country. The air is fresh, clean and crisp and the temperature is noticeably cooler.

The Heat Island Effect is obvious and impactful in city centers.

We are starting to realize, none too soon, that systems such as green roofs and truly permeable pavements such as Ecoraster help to cool the area, reducing the effects caused by the unnatural heating of the cities.

Summer Rains & Climate Change increase Storm Water Run-off – Sustainable Paving to the Rescue!

The rains are both increasing in frequency and increasing in intensity. The results, as we know, are increasing floods which are costly, damaging, and as this recent Intact report explains, is detrimental to our mental health.

Green infrastructure and LID (Low Impact Development) alternatives are increasing in popularity to help mitigate the effects of the changing rain patterns. Installing permeable paving products such as Ecoraster help manage rain onsite, where it lands. Porous paving is proven to help reducing flooding which is costly and damaging while naturally recharging the aquifers and supporting the nearby ecosystems and natural water bodies by reducing the pollutants.

Ecoraster is a permeable pavement system, which is proven, with almost three decades of in-the-ground experience, to provide heavy duty, heavy load bearing ground support even under extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Sinking and softening asphalt is commonly found in hot weather climates. The Ecoraster system was engineered specifically to perform under extreme temperatures, and will not melt or degrade under strong, full sun conditions. Ecoraster has been installed in Texas, Florida, South Carolina and California with great success!

Ecoraster is quick and easy to install. Unlike asphalt, there is no heat or smell associated with the installation process of the Ecoraster pavers. Ecoraster offers the perfect solution for remote or hard to access locations as well. Ecoraster has been transported on boats to island locations for road type applications. Ecoraster performs better than loose gravel and ensures the surface remains level, stable and safe.

Ecoraster is an Excellent Paving Solution for Summertime Activities

Ecoraster offers a solution for summertime fun activities. Reinforcing nature paths so they are universally accessible, reinforcing grassy areas for festivals and food truck parking, reducing maintenance afterwards and keeping the area level stable and safe.

Providing free draining areas around washrooms, water access areas, fire pits, camp grounds and RV parks, enhancing the facility, reducing the maintenance and ensuring the area is universally accessible.

Ecoraster is a permeable pavement product that can help cool the earth, increase green space, manage water “where it lands”, reduce mud and ensure the ground remains level, stable, safe and fully accessible.

What more can you ask for from a paving product?

Ecoraster is a fully sustainable product you can be proud to use!

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