LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Ecoraster® – Alternative Permeable Paving for your Home and Garden

Crocuses sprouting from the dark soil, robins singing their song…

Spring is around the corner and with spring comes the urge to start working outside, beautifying the garden area. Spring is the signal for home owners in Toronto and the GTA to move their efforts outdoors. Living in the city means there is limited land available and with the increasing focus on including permeable alternatives, more and more home owners are looking for ways to “do the right thing” and include “green/eco-friendly” alternatives. The LID (Low Impact Development) permeable paving alternatives allow storm water to be managed where it lands.

The Ecoraster® permeable paving system is a product that can be installed by the home owner for DIYer type projects.

LID Permeable Paving in the Garden and Backyard

There are many different areas in which Ecoraster® can be installed as a permeable alternative throughout the garden area.

Ecoraster® can be used in lieu of concrete for stabilization pads beneath hot tubs, sheds, garbage areas and even beneath Tiny Houses, the newest rage!

The installation of Ecoraster® is an easy process for the DIYer and often just requires a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Ecoraster® is light weight and easy to transport. It is engineered specifically for the cold Canadian winters that are common in Toronto and the GTA. Ecoraster® is much more affordable than concrete and can be installed even before the ground is fully defrosted.

Ecoraster® is the perfect product for the backyard where the access is tight and limited.

Ecoraster® for Front Yards, Parking and Kennel Areas

Ecoraster® is also being widely installed and filled with grass for front-yard parking pads. There are now limits placed on the home owner relating to paved surface and Ecoraster® increases the available park-able area in a permeable “green” manner. The grass filled Ecoraster® surface will not need salt in the winter and can be cleared with either a snow plow or snow blower. Ecoraster® has also been installed as a driveway extension alongside existing driveway areas to increase the parking surface while keeping the grass growing.

Ecoraster® can be used for dog runs and kennel areas. It provides a permeable surface that is enjoyed by both the dogs and their owners.

Ecoraster® as a Permeable Interlock Base Stabilizer

The DIYer is now using Ecoraster® as a permeable base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking paving stones for pathways, driveways and even patios. The Ecoraster® pieces lock together forming a permeable “floating floor” and perform similar to concrete. The interlocking pavers installed on top of Ecoraster® will not shift, lift or heave even after repetitive freeze-thaw cycles that are common in Toronto and the GTA. Incorporating Ecoraster® into the base for the installation of paving stones as a concrete alternative for base stabilization allows the base to be reduced by half. This reduces the excavation and disposal costs, while ensuring that the finished product will retain a level, stable surface for years to come. Ecoraster® is an affordable way to make sure your paver installation stays looking like the day you installed it for many years to come.

Ecoraster® Bloxx as a Concrete Alternative for Patios and Sidewalks

Ecoraster® Bloxx, our newest product, is being installed as a DIYer project for patios, pathways and sidewalks as well as for driveways, either by itself or with grass or gravel filled Ecoraster®. Ecoraster® Bloxx provides the look of interlocking pavers in a fully permeable manner without the risk of future movement of the pavers. Ecoraster® Bloxx can be installed on a minimal base and will not be affected by the freeze-thaw cycle. The pavers that are used within the Bloxx system are available in either concrete or recycled crumb rubber and come in many colors to complement your home. The Ecoraster® Bloxx is becoming very popular due to the ease of installation and the versatility of the applications. The Ecoraster® family of products provides many options for the DIYer. It is easy and affordable to incorporate permeable and eco-friendly projects into your yard and garden that can be enjoyed for years to come due to the specially engineered design and high quality of manufacturing. Ecoraster® can be used in lieu of asphalt and concrete for most garden projects and is lightweight and easy to install.

Your Ecoraster®garden projects will become the envy of your neighbours. LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of the Ecoraster® system in Toronto and the GTA. We also service LID permeable paving installations throughout Ontario and Canada.