LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Sustainable Paving – Solution for Toronto’s Year Round Weather Cycle

Growing up in Toronto you would always hear the comment that there are two seasons in Toronto; Winter and construction season.

Winter is actually a main reason for the constant repair and maintenance that is needed year-round for Ontario roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and driving surfaces.

The freeze-thaw-freeze cycle that occurs during the winter months and that is further amplified with the changing weather patterns we are currently experiencing due to climate change, is a main cause of the potholes and cracking that can be found throughout the province and North America as a whole.

The repetitive contraction and expansion of both the granular base and the solid surface, combined with the frequent use of road salt to reduce the risk of tripping hazards, is what leads to the ever-present potholes that are commonly found everywhere.

Traditional Asphalt Paving Requires Constant Maintenance – LID Permeable Paving Does Not

The regular maintenance needed for traditional asphalt or concrete paving surfaces is both costly and time consuming.

Solid surfaces need to be resealed and parking lines repainted regularly. Cracks need to be filled and potholes need to be fixed. There is a finite lifespan of asphalt surfaces after which time repairs are not enough and the entire area needs to be rehabilitated and redone.

The concept of a paving surface such as Ecoraster, which is not affected by the conditions of our Canadian winters, seems almost too good to be true.

Ecoraster is an alternative, permeable paving surface that can be used in lieu of asphalt and concrete even for heavy duty vehicles and applications. Most importantly, it is not subject to the well-known freeze-thaw-freeze cycle. The minimal maintenance needed with Ecoraster vs the maintenance needed for traditional paving surfaces will save both time and money.

Many clients are using Ecoraster as a paving surface simply because it is more affordable, both initially and long term, than traditional paving surfaces.  The popular movement towards sustainable and green alternatives has more and more people looking into alternative products and solutions for many different traditional building supplies. Unlike eco-friendly alternatives found in many other industries, Ecoraster is a system that is sustainable and green yet more affordable than traditional paving systems.

The Ecoraster system contains 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable or reusable. This adds to the sustainability aspect and is allowing Ecoraster to be considered towards LEED designation.

The Ecoraster sustainable paving system ensures that visitors to the facility notice immediately, from the first step out of the car, what principles the company feels are important. The discussion of sustainability and green building begins in the Ecoraster parking lot.

Added to that is the permeability aspect of Ecoraster allowing storm water to be managed on site in an effective, efficient and affordable manner while reducing the overburdening of our aging infrastructure.

Storm water taxes, which have begun in Toronto and the GTA, have more and more people looking for paving alternatives that are permeable but that are also sustainable. That means they will also work effectively during our winters and retain their strength and durability after many years of season changes.

Ecoraster is proven, with almost 25 years of in-ground experience, to provide an affordable, cold weather, friendly, permeable alternative for heavy duty, high quality surface paving.

Ecoraster can be used by both residential and commercial land owners for permeable driving and parking surfaces, whether they are driveways, parking lots, fire access lanes or even green laneways.

If the essence of sustainability is defined as long lasting and having an extended life cycle, then Ecoraster is truly a sustainable paving alternative.

Ecoraster allows you to do the right things for the environment, your pocket book and for generations to come. We are proud to make it easy and affordable to choose sustainable alternatives.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of the Ecoraster system in Toronto and the GTA. We also service LID permeable paving installations throughout Ontario and Canada.