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Ecoraster – LID Permeable Paving for Landscapers


Are you a landscaper who is always looking for new and innovative ways to provide the best for your customers? There are many ways in which Ecoraster can be incorporated into residential and commercial/industrial projects either as an affordable, long-lasting and fully sustainable alternative to traditional paving and ground reinforcement systems and as a way to manage storm water on site and include LID and green infrastructure into the area.

Projects such as driveways and driveway extensions; tree root protection either in a temporary manner or permanent manner; pathways; patios; dog runs and kennel areas; erosion control and in lieu of concrete pads for hot tubs and sheds just to name a few.

Ecoraster – LID Permeable Paving for Tiny Homes Projects

One of the newest applications of Ecoraster is associated with the growing trend towards tiny homes and coach-houses; similar yet different.

For the tiny home customer, Ecoraster can be used as a level stable base that can easily be removed and replaced if the tiny home is relocated. Ecoraster can also be installed as a “driveway” area or patio alongside a tiny house, again, it can be easily removed and re-established in the new location if the tiny house is removed. Ecoraster is easy to install and lightweight to transport making it a perfect solution for these types of potentially temporary projects.

Coach houses, laneway houses or tandem houses are installed as a second living area on a property that already has a primary dwelling, further “sealing” the area if you will.

It is very important, in projects such as these, that as much of the remaining surface of the property is able to absorb storm water. Ecoraster again provides the perfect solution allowing the surface to be used for parking, driving and outdoor living while ensuring the ground remains permeable allowing the rainwater to enter the ground, recharging the aquifers and reducing runoff.

Ecoraster is Cold Weather Friendly and Supports the Heaviest of Loads

Landscapers are also installing interlocking paving stones using the Ecoraster X30 as a base stabilizer within the preparation layers. The X30 ensures the finished surface remains level and stable while allowing the contractor to reduce the base depth, saving money in disposal costs, base gravel and labour time.

Ecoraster is a German engineered product that was specially designed to perform in cold weather climates. It will not be adversely affected by frost heave and is guaranteed to support the heaviest of loads in even frigid temperatures.

There are many, many different ways in which Ecoraster can be used for residential and commercial projects.

Landscapers can rest assured that their customers will be fully satisfied with the solutions that the proven Ecoraster system provides.

There will be exhibits including Ecoraster at upcoming landscaping shows including Landscape Ontario Congress, Landscape Ontario Green Trade and The Cottage Show.

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