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Ecoraster Permeable Pavement System Perfect for Canadian Winters

When living in Canada and most of North America it is imperative that all outdoor products chosen are winter weather friendly. Sad, for some, but true, winter weather can last for months.

Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and the commonly known freeze-thaw cycle are all factors that must be considered when talking about outdoor areas and landscaping. Although most permeable paving products and technologies currently on the market can provide reliable ground support during the Spring and Fall seasons, not all products are designed to remain strong and sturdy in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. For landscaping applications, most products will provide the support needed, even under extreme temperatures, it is when the surface must provide dynamic support for heavy loads that the products can differ greatly.

Ecoraster Porous Paving System is Snow Plow Friendly

Ecoraster is a flexible plastic porous paving system. Both the plastic matrix and the pervious fill remain flexible even under extremely cold conditions. Ecoraster is manufactured from 100% LDPE, a sophisticated plastic to recycle but a compound that retains both strength and flexibility under extremely cold temperatures, which is what is needed to support cold Canadian winters. Permeable paving systems which are solid with interspersed voids and plastic pavers that freeze and become rigid in cold climates can not properly support heavy loads during the winter. Ecoraster is designed to expand while under the normal conditions associated with the freeze-thaw cycle and will not crack.

The individual grids of the Ecoraster system are locked together by a specialized locking system which was designed to ensure the completed surface remains level and stable even when the ground and base beneath the surface is subjected to the commonly known freeze-thaw cycle. The locking system is also what ensures the Ecoraster surface can be cleared of snow by either a snow plow or snow blower by restricting movement between the individual grid while retaining some “give”.

The plug-in parking markers that are designed to permanently demarcate parking spaces and remained recessed below the level of the grid also ensure that the surface can be plowed repeatedly throughout the winter months.

Customers Report Using Minimal Salt on Their Permeable Pavement Parking Lots

Ecoraster customers report using minimal salt on their permeable parking, driving and walking surfaces. The science behind the winter salt reduction is that the water that is commonly formed on solid surfaces when the thin layer of snow left on the solid surface melts as the sun comes out and then refreezes when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop, percolates into the porous fill of the Ecoraster and the permeable base below. The “melt-freeze” cycle that is well known throughout the cold regions of North America does not usually happen with Ecoraster.

The impact associated with the tremendous reduction in winter salt not only benefits the budget, it also positively impacts the neighbouring ecosystem, vegetation and natural environment, as you can only imagine.

Once Spring arrives the benefits of Ecoraster are again easily apparent.

Ecoraster is AODA and ADA Compliant and can be Safely Used by All

The Ecoraster system will not crack or develop potholes. There will be no regular Spring maintenance or repairs needed. Ecoraster is guaranteed for 20 years which also helps to install confidence in the possible risk of hidden repair costs.

The melting snow that has been piled into a corner of the area will melt slowly, dripping into the permeable base below and naturally recharging the aquifers. It will not melt and run into the storm sewers.

The Ecoraster system is AODA and ADA compliant ensuring the surface can be safely used by all.

Ecoraster is a winter friendly, sustainable paving alternative with a very attractive ROI that can be used in lieu of traditional solid surfaces for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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