LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

The Impact of Sustainable Alternatives

How often do you get to do something that will continue to make an impact for months, years and even decades to come? Human nature is such that we want to do the right thing-we are driven to do good. Using sustainable products and alternatives is something we can be proud of doing.

Often such “green” products are more expensive than traditional ones which makes the decision to “do the right thing” harder. We want to choose the sustainable option, but our budget won’t allow it. This is not the case with Ecoraster.

Ecoraster is a product, designed and engineered in Germany over two decades ago, that allows for the management of stormwater on site in an effective, efficient and affordable manner.

Stormwater management and the inclusion of LID (Low Impact Development) technologies and green infrastructure is gaining momentum quickly throughout North America to address the changing weather patterns caused by climate change and the subsequent effects of increasing densely populated city centers.

The Effects of Including LID Paving Alternatives are Immediately Apparent

Run off from rain events is controlled on site, greatly reducing the volume of water entering the storm sewers, reducing the damaging effects of the subsequent flooding, recharging the natural aquifers and cooling the earth by reducing the effects of the Heat Island Effect.

Ecoraster is a permeable paving system which can be used by itself or in conjunction with other technologies such as green roofs, rain gardens and rain barrels to control storm water run-off.

The Ecoraster grids are fully pervious allowing water to enter the ground where it lands.

Ecoraster can be installed in lieu of traditional solid paving surfaces such as asphalt and concrete allowing for a cost effective use of land by “multi-tasking” the area.

A parking surface can be designed as an infiltration area, allowing water to be stored beneath while allowing the top to be used efficiently on a daily basis. The infiltration area beneath the porous parking surface can greatly reduce and even eliminate the need for retention ponds, ensuring the land is used cost effectively.

The Ecoraster LID Paving System is Eco Friendly and 100% Recyclable

Not only is Ecoraster 100% recycled and 100% reusable or recyclable, it is also considered to have a long-life cycle, the true essence of sustainability.

Unlike many “green” products on the market, Ecoraster is a sustainable alternative which is more affordable than traditional heavy-duty paving surfaces, especially when long term costs are factored in, including repairs and winter/daily maintenance.

The Multiple Benefits of the Ecoraster LID Permeable Paving System

Ecoraster can be used for a multitude of applications from large to small.
Ecoraster is currently being used for residential applications such as pathways, patios, driveway extensions, erosion control, dog runs, and hot tub pads.

Ecoraster is also being used in the commercial/industrial sector for heavy duty access roads, both temporary and permanent, erosion control, parking lots, tree root protection, pathways, soft shoulder reinforcement and gravel containment for universal accessibility.

Ecoraster is easy to install, lightweight and easy to transport making it a perfect solution for hard to access and remote locations.

Using Ecoraster as part of your “LID” toolbox will ensure that the impact of your product choice will be felt for generations to come.

Now is the time to be “passionate about permeable”, the earth and the generations to come will thank you for your commitment to green infrastructure.

About LID Permeable Paving Canada

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