LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Ecoraster: Keep Your Horses Healthy With Mud Preventing Permeable Pavement

The versatility of Ecoraster is apparent when speaking to world- renown equine specialists.

Ecoraster, designed and engineered in Germany almost 30 years ago, has been used by the premier equestrian facilities world-wide for a variety of applications.

Ecoraster is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bags, LDPE, a sophisticated material to recycle but one that retains both strength and flexibility in all climates, extreme cold as well.

One of the largest markets for Ecoraster is the equestrian market.

The health and safety of both horse and rider is paramount in the industry.

Ecoraster promotes both health and safety of the horses and benefits the riders and owners in many ways.

Mud is a common sight throughout equine facilities. The ground gets compacted by frequent “traffic” from both hooves and boots. Compacted ground will not allow water to percolate and the result is thick, boot-sucking mud. Mud can frequently be found in gates and paddocks; in feed, watering and washing areas; in turn-outs and round pens and along access roads.

Mud is not just an unsightly problem it has genuine repercussions for both horse and owner. Horses are happy and stay healthier when they are dry and clean. It is easier to access and maintain areas that are dry and mud free.

Ecoraster is described as a permeable paving/ground reinforcement system. Ecoraster allows water either from natural sources or external sources to enter the ground leaving the surface dry and puddle free by eliminating the compaction of the ground in heavy traffic areas.

The installation of Ecoraster is easy and straightforward. The results are immediate and long-lasting. Ecoraster can be installed as a DIYer type project or by a contractor.

Installing Ecoraster does not have to be an “all or nothing” type project. Ecoraster can be installed as needed in troublesome areas. There are muddy gates? Install Ecoraster in the gate areas. Muddy feeder area? Install Ecoraster around the feeder.

Ecoraster reinforced surfaces remain level and stable even during winter months, there will not be any “frozen-foot or hoof steps” making the surface uneven and dangerous to walk on.

Ecoraster surfaces can be scraped down to the grid by machinery to speed up the cleaning process saving both time and money.

Ecoraster is widely used for mud-free gates and paddocks, for mud free feed, watering and washing areas and for mud free turnouts.

Ecoraster is also used to prevent dangerous ruts in walkers and access roads.

Ecoraster can be used vehicle access roads, for farm and service vehicles, and can support the heaviest of loads. The Ecoraster can be installed either for the full area or as tracks within the road. Ecoraster will eliminate ruts and potholes immediately and provide long lasting results even in extreme temperatures.

Ecoraster is also used to enhance riding arenas and rings, both indoor and outdoor.

Ecoraster acts as a drainable barrier layer between the base and the footing. Outdoor riding arenas and riding rings can be used for an extended period of time, even during the spring and the fall, because the Ecoraster base keeps the area dry and puddle free. Premium facilities such as Spruce Meadows in Alberta have used Ecoraster in some of their outdoor riding arenas. The flexibility of Ecoraster allows for harrowing and also enhances the riding surface by providing an elastic-type base which is noticed by both horse and rider. Ecoraster allows for a reduction in the footing depth further helping with maintenance and budget.

Equestrian clients are often repeat customers. It is common to install Ecoraster in the muddiest areas first and then continue to enhance other areas as both time and budget allows.

Customer support, as always, is a primary focus and there are equestrian specialists, both in North America and Germany, on staff to help with installation guidelines and support.

The increasing rain events, and subsequent increasing mud, have more and more people looking for solutions. Ecoraster is proven to provide a long lasting, fully sustainable solution for mud control even in the cold Canadian climate.