LID Permeable Paving Ecoraster

Permeable Pavement: Make Your Summer Event a Success While Reducing Repair Costs

With such a short summer season, residents of Toronto and the GTA support everything and anything which gets them outdoors enjoying the weather and community.

Summer concerts, food truck festivals, family and pet centered events; the list goes on and on.

The weather in Toronto is not always guaranteed, therefore systems must be in place to ensure that the festival area is usable regardless of the weather conditions. Tents are popular but even if tents are used, the ground surrounding them, especially at the entrances, can be sloppy, wet and muddy if there was any recent  rainfall.

Providing universally accessible areas as much as possible is also a paramount focus these days and hard to achieve on grassy surfaces that are often uneven. Grass surfaces, filled with dips and ruts are often inconvenient for event and festival visitors. Porous pavement is often a great solution, keeping the grass surface level and free from puddles

The Ecoraster system, a light weight, durable and permeable ground reinforcement system, can be used in many different ways to ensure summer festivals can be enjoyed by all.

Ecoraster can be installed either in temporary or permanent fashion. More often than not, temporary installs become permanent ones once it is seen how well Ecoraster works.

Food festivals benefit by using Ecoraster as access roads, parking areas and ground stabilization. Without Ecoraster permeable pavement, there is often a lot of repair needed to fix the tire ruts and damaged grass caused by the food trucks and related equipment. Food festivals have even been outlawed due to the common costly ground repairs. Using Ecoraster as parking pads for the trucks and extending the area to provide a permeable “patio” type area for the customers ensures a level, stable surface that will remain dry and mud free even in muddy areas. Ecoraster can also be installed for access roads for the food trucks; either temporary or permanent. When the festival is done, the Ecoraster, if installed in a temporary manner, can be either reused or recycled.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of the Ecoraster system in Toronto and the GTA. We also service LID permeable paving installations throughout Ontario and Canada.