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Gravel Stabilization & Sustainable Paving

Gravel Stabilization & Sustainable Paving

Gravel is a readily available and versatile building material.

It is often used for surface type applications due to the fact that it is usually readily available and affordable.

Gravel surfaces are permeable and allow the rainwater to enter the ground where it lands, recharging the aquifers and benefiting the nearby ecosystems. Storing water on site helps to reduce the pollutants entering the nearby natural water bodies and helps to reduce the damaging effects of flooding, which is becoming more prevalent with the ever changing weather patterns and subsequent increasing rain events.

Gravel surfaces are found frequently in both home environments as well as public environments such as parking lots, nature pathways and campsites.

The Ecoraster System has been used for Decades as a Gravel Stabilizer

The Ecoraster system has been used for nearly three decades as an effective, efficient and affordable gravel stabilizer.

The Ecoraster cells contain loose gravel, eliminating the migration and compaction of the aggregate fill.

Gravel surfaces that are reinforced with the Ecoraster stabilization system do not require regarding and will not develop ruts, potholes or uneven areas.

The surface is fully pervious and will allow rainwater to enter the ground where it lands. The base beneath the Ecoraster permeable pavement system can be designed to hold large volumes of stormwater and can even be used to capture the run off from nearby areas.

The water captured in the base beneath the Ecoraster permeable pavers can also be held and used for grey water type applications such as irrigation and the flushing of toilets.

Gravel Surfaces Reinforced with Ecoraster are Winter Friendly

Gravel surfaces that are reinforced with Ecoraster pavers can be cleared in the winter with a shovel, snow plow or snow blower. Ecoraster is engineered to retain both strength and flexibility even in extreme climates, both hot and cold.

Using Ecoraster to stabilize loose gravel surfaces ensures that the area is fully accessible. Loose aggregate is difficult to walk on and difficult to maneuver with a stroller or wheelchair. Ecoraster surfaces are universally accessible and can be safely used by those with mobility challenges and by those using canes, crutches, wheelchairs and walkers.

Ecoraster can be incorporated into different areas and clients can adapt the grid to specific design requirements by using different types and colors of fill for the cells. Different options include pea gravel, recycled brick chips and black granite gravel chips.

The Ecoraster System is fully Sustainable & Easy to Install

Ecoraster is fully sustainable and can help achieve LEED status. It is manufactured, in a low carbon footprint manner; from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and is 100% reusable or recyclable as well. It has a long life span and requires minimal maintenance.

The Ecoraster permeable stabilization system is easy to install and can be installed in all types of weather.

It can be removed and either reused or recycled if the land needs change, allowing the client to return the ground to natural with no waste or damage.

Ecoraster can be installed as a DIYer type product or with the help of a landscaper or contractor.

Ecoraster can be used to stabilize gravel for a wide range of applications; from dog runs/kennels to parking/driving areas from hot tub/shed pads to nature pathways and from campgrounds to tree root protection, just to name a few. Ecoraster is also used to stabilize the gravel base beneath surfaces such as artificial turf and pour-in-place rubber, giving structure to the gravel, increasing the load bearing potential and ensuring the gravel stays in place which is especially helpful on sloped surfaces.

Ecoraster is a name you can depend on to provide heavy-duty, high-quality gravel stabilization and ground support.

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