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How Ecoraster Can Optimize Your Summer Landscaping Projects

How Ecoraster Can Optimize Your Summer Landscaping Projects

Are you heading up to the cottage? Or perhaps you are taking the family camping in the trailer. Although it may not be first and foremost on your mind, permeable paving provides the perfect solution for many spring and summer landscaping and paving projects. Whether your projects are residential, commercial, industrial or even agricultural in design, LID Paving has a permeable ground surfacing option for you.

Ecoraster for all Types of Projects

Porous grid paver products such as Ecoraster are perfect for DIYer projects. The Ecoraster grid, which can be filled with grass or gravel, can be easily installed for projects including:

• driveway extensions
• boat/RV/trailer parking areas
• hot tub/shed pads
• patios
• troublesome muddy areas such as the area found between houses
• base stabilization beneath unit pavers and much more.

For long cottage driveways, Ecoraster can be used to contain the commonly used gravel, ensuring the surface remains level, stable, safe and universally accessible without the need to regrade.

Installing the grid as “ribbons” or tracks is also possible when the area is very long and winding.

The grid is also a welcome addition when camping, helping to stabilize areas and reduce the mud and dust tracked into the RV or trailer. Lightweight and easy to transport makes it the perfect product to “shlep” along.

If your summer plans include horses, cows, pigs, goats and time spent at the farm or the barn, then you will also find that Ecoraster can be included in a multitude of projects. Happy customers report installing Ecoraster for everything from access roads and pathways to paddocks, gates, feeders and outdoor riding arenas to ensure the areas remain mud free, the animals stay dry, clean and healthy and the clean up of the surface is quick and easy. The grid provides immediate, long-lasting results for the muddiest of areas.

Permeable Paving for Public Areas

Although we like to dream about our summer vacation areas, permeable paving can benefit our workplaces and public metropolitan areas as well.

Reinforcing grassy public areas with the grid ensures the surface remains level, stable and universally accessible. Muddy areas are greatly reduced and permeable grid reinforced areas can also be used for heavy vehicle access, think food trucks, ensuring the area stays stable and rut free, eliminating the need for repairs and maintenance after the event. Summer festivals which are enjoyed by all, are no longer damaging and costly to repair after events.

Soft shoulders found alongside country roads can be reinforced with the grid. As the protective first level of infiltration alongside a road, the grid helps to protect the neighboring ecosystem from the polluted runoff while helping to reduce wear and tear on the asphalt edge and keep the soft shoulder in line with the height of the road, keeping the area safe for drivers.

Gravel parking lots often found in public parks and summer populated events can be easily and immediately reinforced with the Ecoraster grid. The gravel remains level, stable and fully accessible; no potholes or ruts. There is no need for regrading the surface, and the dust commonly found with gravel areas is immediately eliminated.

The Ecoraster Grid

The Ecoraster grid is a versatile, easy to install and easy to maintain product that offers a long-lasting solution for many ground reinforcement and paving applications. Although the product is perfect for the hot summer temperatures, as it is fully UV stabilized, it also performs in extreme winter climates, under freezing temperatures and huge snowfalls.

Ecoraster offered by LID Paving is a product that is installed once and is enjoyed and appreciated for decades to come. Contact us to discuss your summer projects.

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