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The Growing Efforts on Implementing LID and GI

It is truly encouraging to see how the movement towards including sustainable, eco-friendly and LID surfacing alternatives is exponentially growing.

Recently, we had the opportunity to present the benefits and applications of products offered by LID Paving to a national engineering and construction firm. We were invited by one of their newest employees, who had recently joined the team from a large conservation authority. He knew all about LID (Low Impact Development) paving and GI (Green Infrastructure) from his time at the conservation authority and felt that his new team would benefit from an information session.

Many of the attendees were familiar with permeable paving but were still unsure and possibly uncomfortable in actually including pervious surfaces into projects, especially larger commercial and industrial designs.

It is imperative that the engineers involved in projects feel confident with the performance and maintenance of the specified products, both initially and long term. It is their name, stamp and hence, reputation on the drawings and on the line.

The Green Paving Industry

We are here to help. It is our goal to ensure that everyone who includes LID paving products, Ecoraster or PurePave into projects feels absolutely confident doing so.

Purus Plastics DE, the family-run founding company of Ecoraster as well as Purus NA Ecoraster, has taken important steps to ensure all necessary technical information is readily available. Purus Plastics, together with other companies offering similar quality permeable paving grid products used for green paving including gravel and grass paving, has formulated a standardizing document, the RAL standard, based on more than two dozen characteristics of the products.

The goal of these competing companies was to unify and strengthen the industry and do their part to ensure that only superior quality permeable grid products are chosen for projects.

The growth of the green paving industry, especially the acceptance of using grass pavers, gravel paving, and even the Bloxx system is absolutely dependant on the support from engineers, landscape architects, contractors, developers and municipalities.

If the permeable surface used for a project fails; difficult to install, difficult to maintain and/or offers poor performance, it damages the future of the industry for all.

Most people will try something new once. If it fails, they will rarely try it again. Most often they won’t want to listen to why they should give another similar product a chance. In this industry, one strike and you are out!

The RAL Standards

The development, largely in part to the efforts by Purus Plastics DE, of the RAL standards helps technical design and engineering teams to choose a permeable paving surfacing product with confidence.

They have done the hard work. They have tested Ecoraster and dozens of other similar grid type green pavers, to the strictest of standards, to help you choose the correct product for your needs with confidence, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.

It is imperative that the correct product is chosen depending on the individual weight-bearing requirements, local temperatures, soil conditions and available maintenance. The intensive RAL document provides the necessary information to help you make the best educated decision. The document is available upon request.

The other permeable surfaces offered by LID Paving, including PurePave and PC Custom Surfacing, have also been tested independently to ensure they are heavy duty, fully sustainable, easy to install, easy to maintain and truly winter resilient.

We have done what we can to help you use permeable paving surfaces for all of your needs with the utmost confidence. Contact us with questions and to help you choose the most appropriate pervious paving surface for your application and budget.

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