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We Are the Climate Generation- Let’s Talk Sustainability

We Are the Climate Generation | Let’s Talk Sustainability

Have you ever felt powerless? Absolutely and totally powerless? We are living in a very precarious time. Technologically speaking, we are making advancements that are beyond what most of us could ever have dreamed but all is not smooth and easy. The world population has exploded and we are struggling to make accommodations for the related needs; shelter, food and transportation.

Added to the mix are the changing climate conditions, affecting the world, due largely in part to our damaging and destructive ways in which we have, for decades and decades, taken advantage of the Earth and the natural resources we have available.

Most of us, especially those of us who are up to date on current events and involved with social media platforms, know all to well that changing our ways is paramount and needs to be a concentrated effort on a personal, community and global scale, now, not later. Yet, change is not easy.

The Effect on Our Global Ecosystem

Weather and extreme weather events is a frequent topic on all the news platforms. These days, we do not have to look further than our backyards to see examples of damaging and destructive weather can be. In this April 27th article on it focuses on how this week alone, historic water levels, caused by heavy winter snow melting and constant spring rains have  been the cause of evacuations and much damage to the regions around Bracebridge, Ottawa, Montreal and New Brunswick.

Water, one of the most important life supporting resources, can also be tremendously damaging. We know that the changing weather patterns responsible for more frequent and more intense precipitation events are caused largely in part due to our lifestyles which have been damaging the delicate balance of our global ecosystems. Our destructive practices surrounding water, energy and waste have been responsible for more damage to the earth in the past couple decades than in all the centuries beforehand.

Gerda Thunberg

We can not, we must not, allow this to continue. As one of the most vocal young voices of the generation, Gerda Thunberg, has said “Our house is on fire”: We can not stand idly by, powerless, any longer. We must do what we can to unite our efforts and effect changes that will not only be beneficial for us but will also help to reverse the damage caused by generations beforehand and help ensure the Earth remains healthy and strong for many generations to come.

It is not too late to concentrate our efforts; we can not wait another day. We are stronger when we approach things unified, together. Green building practices must become the norm, mandated and fully supported on all levels, personal, municipal and federal.

Stormwater Management

Water management, both waste water and stormwater, practices must become mainstream. Landowners must be supported when they want to include LID and GI technologies such as permeable paving, green roofs and rain gardens. Alternative energy sources must be accepted and steps must be taken to help people include eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Let’s learn from our young leaders, our future Nobel prize winners, who are desperately trying to do what we have failed to accomplish until now. Stay strong Gerda, we are here to help and support your valiant efforts!

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